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Uniform Consultation Outcome


Pupils and parents/carers should by now have been informed of the outcome of our uniform consultation. In response to a further request, please see below a breakdown of the data by specific groups. Please note that we cannot publish data further broken down (e.g. by year group), since to do so might identify small groups or individuals. The numbers for each group are based on those who responded.


Westhill Academy Uniform Consultation Outcome, February 2018


Cohort % Option A % Option B Number of Respondents
Pupils 18% 82% 740
Parents/Carers 29% 71% 244
Academy Staff 25% 75% 62

Option A

Option A 31-1-18 v2

Option B

Option B 31-1-18 v2

Photo credit – Higher Photography class

Uniform FAQs, January 2018 – Word document

Uniform FAQs, January 2018 – same information as a powerpoint presentation