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1. How to support Numeracy in S1-S3

A guide for parents to support pupils with their numeracy skills in S1 – S3 can be accessed through this link:-

 S1-3 BGE Numeracy 2018-2019  

2. How to support Literacy in S1-S3

A guide for parents to support pupils with their literacy skills in S1 – S3 can be accessed through this link:-

 S1-3 BGE Literacy 2018-2019  



3. How can you support learning at home?

Our  S1-3 Broad General Education (BGE) guides are designed to keep you informed about what types of learning your young person is likely to encounter in our different curricular areas. The guides also give you an indication of homework expectations and the skills being developed.

Moreover, the guides illustrate types of activities you could be doing with your child to support learning in each subject area – it really can be as simple as watching the news together, planning meals or discussing a topic that’s being covered in class.

Research, backed up by feedback from learners, indicates that families ‘taking an interest’ in learning in just these ways has a significant impact on progress.

The guides include useful hints and tips as well as highlighting relevant resources such as websites for you to access and use at home. We hope you find this useful in supporting your children in their learning.

The booklets were designed as a direct result of your feedback and input via questionnaires, focus groups and through our Parent Council.


Mrs Colville

This Information for Parents about the BGE is available here:-

S1 Information for Parents 2019-2020

S2 Information for Parents 2019-2020

S3 Information for Parents 2019-2020


4. Science Faculty – Learning how to learn

The science faculty are working on study skills and ‘retrieval practice’ as follows:-

The following learning/study techniques can be used after lessons to help pupils identify what they have understood and also any knowledge or skills which they are struggling with (and can then seek help at the earliest opportunity).

They are based on the idea that you need to practice retrieving information from your short-term memory to find out what they do actually know/understand.

The techniques can also aid the transferring of knowledge from the short-term memory to long-term memory.

More information on how to use the methods can be found in the various documents posted alongside this one.

The techniques are also displayed (a different one each month) on the science noticeboard outside the biology classes.

Pupils can see Ms Docherty or any other science teacher if you want any help with these.

What is retrieval practice?

Promoting learning strategies for success

Concept Maps

Dual Coding


Teaching Someone at home

Traffic Lighting (with a twist)

Brain Dump