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The Westhill Journal is a pupil led, pupil created newspaper for the school and the wider community. Past editions are available here and paper copies often on sale at Parents Evenings. All money raised goes to cover costs of production and sometimes to support a charity nominated by pupils.

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COVID 19 – Home Learning

All work for English can be accessed through Microsoft Teams which is available through Glow. Each class has an individual Team with a chat facility, resources and a place to upload classwork, homework and Assignments.

If pupils are self-isolating but able to continue learning, they should check their class Team for classwork and Assignments as they are expected to keep up to date.  It may also be possible for pupils to access some lessons “live” through Teams meetings. If pupils are unable to complete work, they should discuss how best to catch up with their teacher on their return to school. Deadlines and workload can be flexible.

Teachers are also available for pupils to contact on Glow email if there are any queries about the work set, although due to the current pressures on workload, replies may take a little longer than usual.