Senior Phase and Senior Phase Courses

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S3 to S4                                   S4 to S5                                    S5 to S6

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S3 to S4                                   S4 to S5                                    S5 to S6

Senior Phase Assessment Programme Session 2017-18

N3, N4, H and AH courses have internal assessments which will be completed throughout the session as and when pupils are ready. Not all of these are on the calendar as the timing is not certain.

Almost all National 5 courses have coursework that is done in school and sent to SQA for marking.  The SQA deadline is when it has to be with them.  Faculties will set earlier deadlines for pupils so that the work can be checked before it is sent.

Some courses have visiting examiners, for example Music and Drama.  The dates for these will be finalised nearer the time.  Pupils will be kept informed.

N5-AH Preliminary Examinations: 25th January – 7th February 2018.

If appropriate pupils may be asked to do a unit assessment during this time if they have no exam that day.

Please note that all assessment dates are flexible; pupils will be informed in advance of any changes.

More detailed information is available here – Senior Phase Assessment Programme Session 2017-18 (002).


The Senior Phase

The overall purpose of the curriculum in Scotland is shown below and can be summed up as helping children and young people to become:

These are referred to as the “four capacities.”

The Senior Phase in Scottish Education runs from secondary 4 through the Secondary 6.  During this time pupils will specialise more and select courses which are accredited by the SQA.  These will usually be at National Level 3, 4 or 5, higher or Advanced Higher.

Descriptions of the content and assessment of these courses can be found by visiting the National Parent Forum of Scotland website and looking the Parents sections” on “Nationals in a Nutshell” and “Highers in a Nutshell.”

Literacy, numeracy and health and wellbeing are still recognised as being particularly important – these areas are seen as being the ‘responsibility of all’ staff as within the BGE.

You can find out more about Curriculum for Excellence and the Senior Phase here.