Easter 2021 – ‘Thinglink‘ – Westhill Guidance Faculty team presentation with links to support health, mental health and wellbeing and study support/revision progress.





Skills Development Scotland (SDS) provides career information advice and guidance (CIAG) services to Westhill Academy.

Our careers staff provide face-to-face guidance with pupils in school and beyond. Appointments can be accessed by contacting the SDS Centre in Inverurie or Guidance.

We also have our digital channels including My World of Work and Apprenticeship.scot.

Our school services table  provides a comprehensive overview of the help on offer and can be accessed here.

My World of Work is Scotland’s careers information and advice web service.  Click on the visual above to access the website.

At school and right through to retirement, My World of Work helps you with up-to-date information, advice and tools.

Subject choices – understand your strengths and make better choices about your subject choices and future career.

Exam results – straight into a job or onto further learning? Whatever your grades are find help in planning your next steps.

Guidance Twitter feed is:-https://twitter.com/GuidanceTeamWA always updated with information on careers, talks, opportunities, PSE, YPI, UCAS, NESCOL College, Training, charities and more…..

We have four Guidance Groups:

The “A” Group with Miss Bradford.

The “C” Group with Mr McEwan.

The “D” Group with Mrs Stewart.

The “E” group with Mrs Johnstone.